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Meadowlark Farm Dinner


Veronica Volny, Alberto Sabbadini, Kyle Mendenhall, Bella (the kitchen-bus), and the 2017 Meadow Lark Troupe are returning to Pachamama for another exquisite farm dinner!

Meadow Lark Farm Dinners are a celebration of Colorado’s farmers and food artisans.  The evenings include meeting the Pachamama farmers, a walk through the fields, and a handcrafted meal in the company of your friends and neighbors.

The menus, inspired by the morning’s harvest, are prepared on-site. Dinners unfold at a long outdoor table.

Reservations Lottery: In an effort to give equal opportunity to all who want to attend the dinners, Meadow Lark has employed a lottery system for each dinner. The lottery for August dinner reservations will take place on Monday July 3rd. For more information (including cost, more details about the lottery system, wait lists, and more), please visit Meadow Lark’s website.

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